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    jet ski Gran Canaria

    Ready to increase your adrenaline?

    One of our best activities is jet ski, if you are looking for action, you can’t miss it! Once you are on board, the trip starts and we’ll sail all over the coasts of Gran Canaria. When we reach the Perchel Bay, we’ll drop anchor and offer you the chance to practice any of our activities.

    If you are looking for a different experience and want to get rid of stress, we have saved for you the most awesome experience in Gran Canaria, one you can enjoy even while telling your friends about it.

    Jet Ski is one of the most thrilling water sport existing right now

    We want you to make the most of your trip; we want that you remember it with a smile when you’re back at home. That’s why sailing on our amazing catamaran boat and spotting the beautiful sea life won’t be the only thing you’ll be doing while on your trip with us (and we are not saying it wouldn’t be great even if that was the only thing to do!)

    While you are watching those beautiful waters and wild animals in their own ocean home, we know just sitting on the boat won’t be enough. You will want to step off the boat and be closer to the sea. So we offer you the best way to be as close to the sea as possible (without diving into it!): jet ski riding.

    Take a ride on one of our personal jet skies and you’ll be thanking yourself for the decision. Jet skiing is an easy way to learn a super fun activity that is definitely worth the while. You’ll see for yourself!

    You’ll be standing on one of our personal watercrafts, racing on the spectacular waters you just have been watching. You will also enjoy the adrenaline from feeling the speed on your whole body. It’s difficult to ask more of a water activity, but jet skiing can still give you more than the closeness to the sea and the electrifying experience of speed.

    You will be able to ride along the coastline, watching the cliffs from a unique point of view; not only that, you will be able to reach some beaches that cannot be accessed on foot.

    This can be the most exotic and adventurous holidays you could ever spend in your life. Come with us and feel the magic of riding a jet ski. At the amazing price of 25 € for two people, it will be an unforgettable experience!

    To See the Jet Ski Rental Most Near By you click the "Jet Ski near by me" button and make sure to allow to share your Location with us.

    In any case when booking you can select the Water Sport Center which is near by you or from the beach you would like to go!

    As for example from Taurito you can see seacaves while when you go from playa del ingles you can see other coasts.

    We also have the jet ski adventure safari so you can also enjoy just the jet ski if you want!

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    Jet Ski Safari Adventure

     Available in a variety of durations in Minutes.
     Free Bus transport.
     Dvd / Pictures Available.
     Volcanic Cave visits , Amadores, Tauro, Taurito, Mogan & Perchel.

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