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    snorkeling swim Gran Canaria
    Feel sea life around you, it’s just amazing!

    Once we stop in the Perchel Bay, you’ll have the chance to snorkel to find out about life at the bottom of the sea.

    Snorkeling is an easy way to appreciate the diversity and beauty of the underwater life in Gran Canaria. We will provide you an equipment of a mask and a snorkel and you’ll have the chance to float around the boat and watch common species of the Canarian coast.

    You could swim between schools of fishes of many different species like mullet, bream, trumpet fish,"fulas", ... And other fishes highly valued for Canarian cuisine lovers like "viejas","sargos","galanas"... You will see species that you could not find anywhere else. And if you are really lucky you could also find manta rays, octopuses and many other surprises.

    Apart from that, snorkeling will take the stress out of your life, because by floating with the rhythm of the waves, the music of the sea will bring you to the present moment and definitely will calm you down. Snorkeling is one of the most wonderful skills you can have in your life.

    If you feel tired because of the routine and work pressure, nothing better for you than going deep into the sea and forget all kind of worries while you stay there. Only fishes, water and you, can you imagine the peace of that moment?

    Our boat trip offers you other activities, but none as relaxing as snorkeling ... This activity is included on your ticket, so you can’t miss it. You won’t find a better way to spend the day. Dare to discover the sea life in Gran Canaria.

    All the equipment you need to practice this activity with us is available on board, you don’t have to worry about anything else but enjoying the views and the sound of the atlantic ocean around you.

    The experience of snorkeling is fantastic and an activity really worth trying, a great way to discover the mysteries of the underwater world in Gran Canaria. Our coasts are full of different species that you can’t miss.

    An unforgettable and relaxing activity that will let you discover a different dimension of the sea. This is definitely an adventure that you will want to repeat!

    We also have the snorkeling experience so you can also practice only snorkeling if you want!

    If you are thinking about private boat hire...

    With all these boats to hire, it can be overwhelming to find and charter the right boat for you and your group to rent.
    At Gran Canaria Boat Trips,
    we want to help you with making the right decision to and find the best boat within your budget and top service and with the confidence you made the right choice.
    So we created this helpful guide in helping you To rent a private boat on Gran Canaria!

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